Magician's AssistantWhen hack magicians start pulling tricks, Felix is caught in the crossfire with a hard luck dame—now someone’s looking to make him disappear.  Abra-frickin’-cadabra.

Who’s up for a little hard boiled crime short story?  There’s dames, magic and guns—but consider yourself warned, this one ain’t for tender minds or the faint of heart.  It’s a entry in my Felix Maddox, P.I. neo-noir detective series called, Magically Deceptive.  (Feel free to give me a Like while you’re there. <wink>)  Enjoy!

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Gabriel von Grünbaum
Author, Artist

Gabriel Grünbaum is an innovative entertainment media and business professional with decades of experience that includes digital engineering, consulting, and strategy leadership. He's well-rounded, working across disciplines throughout the arts and entertainment industry. Gabriel's expertise in technology and business has helped him to guide initiatives and define progressive strategies for growth, from startups to industry giants. He enjoys writing novels, screenplays, and short stories, and is an experienced illustrator, graphic designer, and sometime standup comic. He counts his passion for art, writing, and performing as the bedrock for everything he does with his left brain.

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