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There’s a lot of facets to being a fan of anything, the same way there’s so many elements involved in being a creator. This is a place where those worlds meet. We’re not just covering the reviews and commentary on our favorite books, comics, TV, movies, games, music… We also look at the ingredients that made these, and future, creations possible. What’s the science, philosophy, skill or point of view that goes into creating something new and fascinating—as well as what went into creating some of our existing favorites.

That’s right, this is a place where we can “geek-out” on, and hash through, what we love together—and even stoke each other’s imaginations for the next great innovations.

Welcome to The Hashing Post!

Now, we’re also thrilled to announce that The Hashing Post is your exclusive destination for original content by our featured author, Gabriel von Grünbaum!  Gabriel has several forthcoming novels on the way including a giddy sci-fi epic through the stars that takes off when two friends find a spacecraft and his latest, a supernatural romance that puts the horror and adventure back into… romance?… for the first time?!  Be sure to follow his posts and hopefully he’ll be giving us some more details soon on these and other works.


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(If you’re a writer, artist, musician, filmmaker, scientist, engineer… or an enthusiastic fan, and you’d like to become an official contributor to The Hashing Post community, shoot some samples or examples of what you do to with the subject line I’VE GOT SOME HASHING TO DO and tell us a little about yourself and what gets your motor runnin’.)



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