Headed out to the Art of the TARDIS Craft Faire, hosted by Clockwork Couture, in Burbank, California on March 14th.  It was really great to see so many passionate people gathered together sharing their excitement for Doctor Who.  There were a lot of local businesses and artisans gathered and offering Doctor Who themed products—from items and gadgets inspired by different episodes to TARDIS soaps!—all while Awesome City Limits rocked live with every Who theme and song I could think of (even music from The Legend of Zelda).  One of the standouts was artist Mike Collins, innovator of Tiki Machine.  He was there with his young family selling prints of his cartoon Doctor characters as well as some of Tiki Machine’s other art and childrens’ books.

Entertainment has a wonderful ability to bring people together, uniting those who share common sensibilities, ideas and tastes.  When these groups gather for a simple movie/TV night, a humble fair or a full-blown convention an almost magical energy seems to manifest.  This energy, born of excitement and passion, inspires new creativity and, in turn, influences new entertainment.  Just look at what an influence San Diego’s Comic-Con has had on Hollywood over the years—driving innovative new genre films and shows, and holding them to a higher standard of quality—not to mention comics and books that are finding bigger audiences every year as a result.

From a creator’s point of view, having people respond so positively to your creations is a high honor—it means that you were able to successfully connect with people on a meaningful level after so much time spent working in a vacuum with your imagination.

With that in mind, a giddy community of “Whovians” who assembled to share their love and enthusiasm for Doctor Who with each other succeeded, not only in paying high honors to the creative minds behind the show, but also in fanning the flames of creativity within each other—and that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

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