For some plot points in my latest novel I’ve been doing a lot of research into autoimmune afflictions.  I found the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to be great source of information and it looks like they’re doing great things in communities all over.

So I was incredibly honored when asked to be a part of the latest Bike MS informational video.  It was a lot of fun and that fun easily translates to funny in the video, working shoulder to shoulder with such talented performers, many from The Groundlings theatre in Hollywood, CA—including Scott Beehner, Lisa Schurga and David Hoffman just to name a few.  A special thank you to Toy Box Entertainment, who created the video and made everyone look extra great and Rogue Planet Laboratories‘ Ian Goodwin for his masterful creation of props and practical effects.  (Don’t miss Ian’s cameo as the “Watermelon Man”!)

Who knew story research could be this much fun and oh so rewarding!?  Alright, “flock,” enjoy the video and know that I’ve always got your back with “the classic V formation”!  Until next time, I’m ever your friendly neighborhood Man Bird.

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