Honestly, I think I’m still digesting Leonard Nimoy’s passing. It hasn’t really hit me and I don’t know if it ever will. It’s like hearing there’s no such thing as owls.

Like everyone, there were some less pleasant things in my childhood that I would need to come to terms with—a.k.a. growing up. My dad’s wonderful gift has always been the ability to put things in perspective and that super power helped keep my youngest days as enchanting as possible.

Spock02_688x860He’d listen to me explain the uncertainty I was facing then ask some simple questions about the given situation that would just suck all of the scary out of it. Then he’d say, “Time for dinner.” I remember dinner as a magical time. As a couple bachelors, throwing our meal together was short and sweet—and, for whatever reason, was often our own concoction of tuna spaghetti. I still crave it all the time. We’d load up our trays and make our way to the television where we’d join the crew of the starship Enterprise on its five year mission.

Through the lens of aliens, warp cores and robots my dad taught me responsibility, morals and how to face the dangers around me while we slurped our spaghetti. Mr. Spock was always the example he could reference with me. Always cool, smart and ready for anything. Our guide through the stars and the wisdom my father wished to impart me.  Words like “fascinating” and “illogical” took on new meanings for me.  Concepts like “impossible” and “inescapable” lost their weight, leaving the world open for infinite possibility.  Even things that I couldn’t understand or classify could still be accepted—and, once accepted, could be worked with or worked around.

I still remember when I finally left home for school in another city, my gateway to the world beyond. My father’s parting words were, “Be like Spock.” Thanks, dad, for the wisdom to live my life well. Thank you, Leonard Nimoy, for being the legendary conduit of such incredible wisdoms. You will continue to be with me my entire life.

Some of Leonard Nimoy’s final thoughts for us all:

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