Welcome back to our adventure through this Regency fantasy space opera!  So far we’ve met a gentle cyborg zombie, a lady machine and an incubus dream demon!—not to mention the devilled fish! Good lord, what’s next!?

One of the fun things about working on this story is letting my imagination run wild and I do my best to stick with the first decision I end up putting down.  Sometimes this means coming up with some creative solutions—and I’ve painted myself into some pretty interesting corners coming up—but a lot of the fun is doing my best to stick with the choices and making them work.  Other times, it really starts to feel like a genuine collaboration with Jane Austen when the choices I make happen to fit perfectly with a scene she sets up, or contrasting to make the perfect joke in this comedy of manners.

I hope you have as much fun with this next installment of our collaboration as I did writing it.  Please enjoy EMMA3000, Chapter II!

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