Okay, folks, hang onto your hats for this one.  I’ve had people wanting to know more about my writing processI’ve had people wanting to peek behind the curtainI’ve had enough people asking if the rumors were true (yes, I’m tackling Austen, here’s the proof).  So I’m allowing The Hashing Post access to my latest manuscript in process, EMMA3000.  I’ll be posting the chapters to Goodreads and providing the link and exclusive commentary and notes here on The Hashing Post.  Please share your feedback with me, I’d love to hear what’s working or not working for you as I continue writing the manuscript.  If you have any questions along the way, let me knowI’d love to take a shot at answering them for you.  I’m excited to be able to share my process with you and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’m enjoying writing it!

Feel free to start reading chapter 1 now or chew on this descriptive blurb first:

What if Jane Austen had access to a time machine while she was writing her classic, Emma?  What if she used that time machine to abduct someone like author Douglas Adams and forced him to collaborate on the story with her?  What if she had hung out in the future long enough to binge watch a little Monty Python, Doctor Who and Barbarella?  Well, wonder no longer!  Join Emma on her hilarious Regency-sourced sci-fi fantasy adventure as she makes love connections, runs afoul of alien forces and befriends a mermaid from another planet!  There are scheming hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional figs, planetary rings of laser panthers, an anthropomorphic manifestation of the heretofore-intangible concept “okay” and so much more!

EMMA3000 is a live manuscript work in progress, so come back every week or few for the latest chapter and be sure to leave comments that could shape the direction the story takes!

(Your eyes do not deceive you; great care is being taken to maintain much of the original spelling and grammar.)

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