The Girl Who Would Be King
The Girl Who Would Be King by Kelly Thompson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kelly Thompson did some excellent things with this story. It’s engaging and well told. Her antagonist gets top marks! I love how far she took some elements without getting complicated—they were naturally pulled from the storyline. With other elements I wish she would’ve explored them more and taken them further—but that might be the most negative thing I can say.

Bottom line: Would I appreciate that this book was recommended to me after reading it? Yes, and I am—and I feel very comfortable recommending this interesting tale to others. I would call it a pretty darn solid read and a fun world to visit that has a bit of a pleasant dreamy haze to it. Clever action, adventure and drama in an organic superhero development story—it’s all here. If you like your graphic novel origin stories without the graphics and featuring two very compelling and powerful feminine characters, this is undoubtedly the book to pick up! I’m glad I did.

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